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2021 – Looking to the future

2021 – Looking to the future
February 5, 2021 Karl

How 2020 affected our business

So… as we are all aware 2020 was a tough year for most businesses around the world, and we were no exception!  We lost pretty much all of our regular work overnight when Covid-19 (Corona Virus) hit back in March of 2020.  Like most people, we thought it was going to be a short-lived thing and we would be back up and running in a few weeks or at worst, months!  As we now know that was not to be and nearly 12 months later we are still in the same situation.


During these months or little to no work coming in we have used the time to pivot slightly and expand on what services we can offer our clients as well as use some of our skills to promote and market what we do.  From finally getting around to giving ourselves an online presence after many years of “we really must put up a website for the business” to having the time to give to this and get it right.  Promotion was something we never really needed to do much of, we relied extensively on word of mouth from our clients and had a good pool of regular work from them.

The Future

With the vaccines finally coming to the mainstream and hopefully by the end of this year we will be back to “Normal” we are delighted to be able to take on more clients and have procedures in place to streamline our workflow and get through our work more efficiently.

The Office

Working from home might be new to many over the past 10 or so months but for me it is the way I have worked for many years, having a purpose build office behind my house is the keep to happy work and home life balance.  It means my commute is a 30-second walk out my back door with a morning cup of tea, I can take time out to bring my kids to appointments when needed, I can drop and collect my kids from school, and on the other hand, I can do a bit of extra work in the evening when the kids go to bed if needed.

Being a small business owner you have to keep your priorities in focus and always make sure and find time for the important things.